reality of free-data messages

Get to know the reality of free-data messages you forward on WhatsApp without thinking..

You must have come across dozens (or hundreds of thousands) of those messages which carry a link and promise to offer free data, talk-time or even t-shirt. It is also possible that you would have tapped on the link for that free benefit but has it ever happened that you got the promised benefit?

Let us tell you; NEVER.

The scam of free benefit messages

The messages you receive claiming to offer something free is a total scam targeted at collecting user data like name and mobile number which they store and sell to the SMS marketing companies. These SMS marketing companies use the data to campaign for marketing of different companies and overload your inbox with advertisements.

How to identify if a link for free benefit is legitimate or not

First of all, NOTHING is free. If someone is claiming to give something for free, he or she or it definitely is benefitting from that. To identify if the message you receive is a data collecting scam or not is to look at its link.

For instance, if a message claims to offer free 4G data on clicking the link, the embedded URL would be saying the same thing, for example:


How they trick people into giving their information on WhatsApp

Here is the latest data scamming message doing the rights on the beloved messaging app WhatsApp:
•You get a message saying the government is giving away free solar panels and you need to fill out the form to get the benefits
•Of course the URL is related to solar/panel/registration and end with .com not with