Enjoy the Bliss of just Being. Without being dependent on anything..!
Life is better when you do what makes you happy regardless of what others think. It's your life, not theirs..
A smile is the universal Welcome..


Video from utube4all

Congress and JDS MLAs in resorts

Media person requested Bodyguard for an entry during Shilpa shetty press meet @mumbai, all of a sudden Bodyguard started hitting media person Really insult to media workers.

Demo of the new voting machine. Please do share with others...

Kumar Ambulance Service Driver @bengaluru, using SIREN for dropping students...

This video shows why you shouldn't charge ur mobile while using it. Look at the conductivity tester glowing to the electricity passing thru our body even while holding it. Be careful..

Kerala Nipah virus outbreak: Kerala is on high alert over the infection. Dead bats found in a well in the family's home are believed to have caused the infection

The British ex PM with the Chinese President at a Pub in UK..!👍🍺🍺

Not sure why they took Chai Can into Toilet

Tamil Comedy dialogues